Neil Simnett
Treatment: Acupuncture and Massage

I had suffered with a foot injury for many months and was told by my Doctor to give it time. Being a kickboxer meant I couldn't kick using that foot which was very frustrating. The pain seemed to be coming from a nerve running down the top of my foot to my big toe, one little knock and I was in excruciating pain. I called Susan on a Saturday morning who seemed very friendly and suggested I went to see her. After a consultation the treatment began straight away. I was at the clinic at least an hour and was given acupuncture and massage and given some exercises to do in between treatments. After the two treatments there was slight improvement, after the third treatment I could lightly kick the pads with little pain and after the fourth I was virtually pain free and could kick the pads with full power. The clinic is well equipped and Susan and her staff are professional and friendly. Should I have any injuries in future I would definitely return.

Jaqueline Scothern
Treatment: Acupuncture and Ultra sound

I was suffering from severe neck pain, unable to look to the left. Susan made a full diagnosis and suggested a programme of treatment. After two sessions I was able to move relatively freely and after five sessions my neck was released and I was pain free. It was marvellous and I felt that I had got my life back. Thank you so much Susan; I would certainly recommend this clinic to anyone who suffers from pain. You will be treated professionally but with real humanity and understanding.

Stephen Briers
Treatment: Acupuncture and Osteopathy

I would just like to express my thanks for being able to fit me in for treatment at such short notice. After being trouble free for over 15 months upon completion of a series of Acupuncture and Osteopathy sessions, when my back problem recently reappeared I was amazed that after just two sessions of Acupuncture, how much better I feel and how much more mobility I have.

Having never tried Acupuncture before coming to see you, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the treatment worked and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with similar problems. I also feel that by treating the problem early this time instead of waiting for it to get worse I have benefited hugely.

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